New fabric alert

I love buying new fabric, and I get really excited at the prospect of what to make.

So when I went on my yearly trip to the Stitch, Sew and HobbyCraft show at Westpoint, Exeter yesterday I knew that I would be on the look out for some pretty and funky new materials, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Well, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t buy more, but the hubby was there, pulling me away, asking if I really needed the fabric (which of course the answer is alway yes!), and pointing out that I have lots of fabric at home (which is true, but a girl always needs more!).

So, I made a beeline for the Little Laura’s Haberdashery and Favourite Fabrics stands. Spent a good while rifling through all the fat quarters and settled on this rather charming selection.


I’m especially loving the beautifully bright Michael Woodland by Michael Miller. Thinking it would make a rather funky purse.

I’ll keep you posted on what I make, and if you have any ideas drop me a line in the comments below.




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